ALLDAYSLIM IS A REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH TO WEIGHT LOSS Naturally regulating hunger AND maximizing your body’s ability to burn fat.

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  • Healthy Weight Loss

    AllDaySlim™ does the hard fat burning for you by helping you eat smaller portions, burning more fat, and losing weight while still eating the foods you love.

  • Portion Control, Simplified

    AllDaySlim replaces scoops, scales, and measuring equipment, allowing you to hear your full signal clearly.

  • Your Fat Burning Machine

    AllDaySlim turns fat into energy, re-routing calories away from storage and towards energy and metabolism pathways.


  • Lose Weight Consistently

    AllDaySlim is the first Assam Fruit extract to consistently reduce the action of the enzyme that turns carbohydrates to fat while also producing satiety to prevent overeating.

  • 100% All Natural

    AllDaySlim contains no artificial or synthetic ingredients. It contains the natural extract of Assam Fruit which turns OFF hunger and turns ON fat burning.

  • Patented Delivery

    Leptisol® is the first and only patented formula that safely delivers Assam Fruit to your stomach — maximizing feelings of fullness and weight loss.


  • All-Day Energy

    AllDaySlim helps enable your body to use fat for fuel, giving you consistent energy without any artificial stimulants (no peaks and crashes).

  • Your Stress Reliever

    AllDaySlim helps support the proper metabolism of Insulin and Cortisol, lowering your stress levels and reducing your belly fat.

  • Your Good Night’s Sleep

    AllDaySlim helps restore metabolic balance – helping to foster peaceful, restful sleep.

Transform YOUR BODY with AllDaySlim!